Addams Family Pinball Machine Serviced

Just finished up cleaning, shopping and repairing a 1992 Bally Addams Family. Addams Family is the number 1 selling pinball machine of all time. This one needed some TLC to get it back up and running properly. This is what was done while it was in the shop:

  • Adjusted trough switches
  • Lower left playfield magnet was unplugged because Q1 on the magnet pcb and Q44 on the driver pcb was shorted. These transistors were replaced.
  • Upper left flipper hold was stuck on. Replaced Q5 transistor on flipper pcb.
  • Lower left flipper hold not working. Replaced Q9 and Q17 on flipper pcb.
  • Found missing diode on lower left flipper. Replaced all 8 diodes on all flipper coils as a preventative measure.
  • All 4 flipper EOS switches were installed backwards and were corrected.
  • Replaced all 4 flipper linkages.
  • Cleaned old crusty rubber from flippers and installed new rubber.
  • Installed slingshot rubber and shooter tip.
  • Cleaned and waxed playfield. Including Thing’s dirty hand!
  • Replaced barrel spring on shooter rod and adjusted lane guide.
  • Adjusted lock down bar mechanism.
  • Adjusted coin door lock.
  • Replaced bridge rectifier on driver pcb that drives the flashers.
  • Rekeyed back box lock.
  • Replaced power connector for DMD power input.
  • Two hour play testing to insure reliability.

On to the next one, but here’s a few photos:

IMG_0333 IMG_0330

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