Pinball Shark does all things pinball within Florida, including Tampa, Lutz, Land O’ Lakes, and Wesley Chapel. Servicing, repairing & restoring all pinball machines from Williams, Bally, Gottlieb, Data East, Sega, & Stern. Solid state and electro-mechanicals. No bingo machines.

I also buy pinball machines! <CLICK HERE>

Services included repair, clean up, installing new rubber, adding mods, playfield restoration, cabinet restoration and playfield swaps.

Repair (in shop) – $65/hr


“Brady has done an amazing job on my Star Wars pinball machine he is absolutely phenomenal when it comes to fixing machines. There are a few pinball repair companies out there that are completely bogus. I would highly recommend if you need your pinball machine repaired or touched up definitely use Brady with pinball shark.” – Dan from Spring Hill, FL

“Amazing! Can’t wait to get old girl home. Appreciate your expertise with the old machines!” – Pam from Dade City, FL

“Helped me repair my machine to like new condition. Very reasonable rates.” – Adam from Lutz, FL

Selected Examples

1993 Data East Last Action Hero Crane Gear Box Repair

1976 Gottlieb Target Alpha Playfied Restoration

2003 Stern The Simpsons Pinball Party Refurb

1979 Gottlieb Genie Refurb

1991 Gottlieb Class of 1812 Refurb

1978 Stern Nugent Full Restoration

1974 Gottlieb Sky Jump Playfield Swap

1976 Bally Night Rider

1994 Data East Guns N’ Roses

1990 Williams Funhouse Playfield Swap

1981 Bally Fireball

1978 Bally Star Trek

1994 Bally World Cup Soccer

1977 Gottlieb Cleopatra

1993 Williams Twilight Zone

1980 Williams Firepower

1975 Bally Old Chicago

1991 Williams Bride of Pinbot

1995 Gottlieb Stargate

1984 Williams Space Shuttle

1985 Williams Sorcerer

1975 Bally Wizard!

1993 Data East Jurassic Park

1970 Gottlieb Aquarius

1989 Williams Bad Cats

1979 Gottlieb Genie

1967 Williams Touchdown

1992 Data East Star Wars

1994 Guns N’ Roses

1993 Williams Star Trek: The Next Generation

1977 Gottlieb Mustang

1967 Gottlieb Sing Along

1981 Stern Lightning

1980 Bally Space Invaders

1997 Medieval Madness

2003 Stern Lord of the Rings

1992 Data East Lethal Weapon 3

2000 Stern Sharkey’s Shootout

1975 Gottlieb Spirit of 76

1984 Bally Black Pyramid

1987 Data East Laser War

1990 Williams Whirlwind

1992 Bally Addams Family

1988 Data East Time Machine

1993 Williams Star Trek The Next Generation Borg Ship Painting

1993 Bally Judge Dredd

1980 Stern Sea Witch

1975 Gottlieb El Dorado

1981 Gottlieb Black Hole

1992 Bally Doctor Who

1997 No Good Gofers

1996 Capcom Breakshot

1990 Data East Simpsons

11 thoughts on “Services

  1. I have a Star Trek pinball machine that needs some work on the electoral board would like to find someone in the Ft Myers area Can u help me ?

  2. I live in Ft. Myers and have a Gottlieb Shaq Attack. Do you know anyone in the area that could help me get it up & running if not can you contact me to possibly take a look at it?


    • Hello John,

      No, sorry. I don’t know anybody in Ft. Myers that repairs games. You are welcome to bring up here to Lutz, but I understand that is a lengthy commute.

  3. Hey
    I have a Kings of Steel 1984 Bally/Midway game. It does not save settings in the memory once it it is turned off then turned back on. I have the schematics and see a memory chip on one of the circuit boards,
    Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated,

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