Clear Coat Being Applied to Paragon

After finishing all the touch ups, I started spraying an automotive type clear coat to Paragon last week. I got two coats applied and wet sanded it with 600 grit sand paper. Even though I removed every insert from the playfield and heated and leveled each one, there are still inconsistencies. To smooth these out and make sure the final finish is as flat as can be, I mixed a small batch of clear and applied it over the inserts with an eye dropper. Tomorrow I will sand them flat and clean and prep the playfield for the final clear coat. *edit* Finished on 09/13, it took 5 days to sand all that out!

2 thoughts on “Clear Coat Being Applied to Paragon

  1. I’ve got a ’79 Paragon myself that is in much, much worse condition than this. The playfield is worn through to the wood over very large areas. The only solution is a either a NOS or good second-hand PF, but the chances of finding either are almost zero, or to go for any overlay. But I’m very interested to know what the “clear” is you’re using to level the inserts? Is this the “automotive type clear coat” that you were spraying overall? Would you mind telling me which brand/type it is, or what it’s made of, please? My inserts are all rather dish-shaped and fill need flattening! Thanks.

  2. I used an automotive clear by PPG Shopline, JC661. From their website, “JC661 is a two component , multi purpose acrylic urethane clearcoat that is fast-drying, easy to apply and designed for use in either cross flow air dry or downdraft force cure spray booths. ” You can find more info at

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