DE Data East Simpsons Pinball Free Play Cards

I made these for my Simpsons game since I wanted something different than what I found on the ‘net for the Data East game. They are sized to print out on 4×6 photo paper then just trim and install. I had mine printed at Sam’s Club Photo for less than $.15 a piece.

10 thoughts on “DE Data East Simpsons Pinball Free Play Cards

  1. You can print them out on 4×6 photo paper. They are sized exactly to fit to the edges. Then, just cut them out. Mine were printed at Sam’s Club photo dept. I uploaded them via their website, then picked them up. Cost about 30 cents.

  2. I printed the two jpeg’s examples with the black top and bottom (thinking that was the jpeg template). But when I picked them up from Costco they had printed as shown in the photo above. Not the whole picture like the ones in your machine, but cropped on the sides and tops. Thanks for your time and patience.

  3. Sorry, I don’t mean to be a pain, but mine printed exactly like the example with black on top and bottom. This example has Maggy and Lisa’s head partly cut off. The example in your machine is complete. Thanks again.

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