Capcom Breakshot – Fixed the DMD power supply

I just finished the repair of the DMD power supply board yesterday. To my amazement, when I plugged it in, it worked!

I took a photo of the board before the repairs trying to show all the hacks this thing has seen in its lifetime (the pic is after I removed a few components). Notice the nice hole and wire jumper.

I sourced out trying to just buy a new board, but the cheapest I could find is about $135 with shipping from Australia. Here’s a link for future reference since they had other Capcom parts, too.

$135 is a bit pricey so I went the repair route. I replaced every part except the flyback and 200v capacitor as I couldn’t find it anywhere. Luckily I didn’t need it. All parts were bought at, except the regulator chip, that was bought at Total cost in parts and shipping $29.

But, a heck of a lot of time was spent cleaning this board out. 1/2 of the board had corroded solder points and their were even a few rusty resistors on it. It really didn’t match the condition of the rest of the machine so maybe it was swapped out some where along the line. Quite a few traces were lifting from the board, too. Hot glue is holding the components where the burned hole is located.

So, after finishing the repair I plugged this sucker in and it worked. Whew! Now I can see that awesome animation where the ice cube lands in just the right place.

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