1980 Williams Firepower Repair

Recently finished repairing a Williams Firepower from 1980. This one had been in storage for a while and needed some help. There were a few display issues, some solenoids didn’t work, the flippers were weak, and it needed a good cleaning and some TLC. Every bulb in this game was burned out!

The parts list for this repair:

1 x Ball Shooter (Plunger) Barrel Spring
2 x Williams Logo Flipper Bat And Shaft Assembly
4 x Williams Chrome Leg Bolts
4 x Williams/Bally Non-Ribbed Chrome Legs
4 x Heavy Duty Leg Leveler With Nut
1 x Coin Door Lock
1 x Williams Flipper Rebuild Kit
2 x Williams/Bally Nylon Flipper Bushing
2 x 1-1/2″ Standard Size Translucent High Gloss Super-Bands™ Flipper Rubber
2 x Williams/Bally Rubber Bumper Plug/Grommet for flipper
2 x Cabinet Flipper Button
1 x Firepower Rubber Ring Kit
1 x Rottendog Williams System 3/4/6 LED Display set
1 x Firepower Target Decal Set
1 x Fuse for solenoids
52 x Light bulbs #44
1 x Flasher bulb #89
3 x Transistors installed on Driver Board
3 x Highly polished pinballs

The game plays great now! Another game saved and ready for fun.


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