1988 Williams Jokerz! Repair

I recently finished repairing a Jokerz! pinball machine. It is a very unique idea and original theme game. Imagine a King and Queen playing poker and using tiny sized “Jokers” (right off the playing cards) as currency. Straight from the designer minds’ of Barry Oursler and Python Anghelo.

While I have repaired and played many pinball machines, I have never come across a Jokerz! before. Repairing it though was easy due to the fact that I have owned and fixed so many Williams System 11 games in the past. Earth Shaker, Whrilwind, Mousin’ Around, Swords of Fury, Elvira and the Party Monsters, and Transporter to just name a few.

Jokerz! came in dead and unresponsive. Here’s the list of what was done to this game to get it back in top shape, playing order.

  • Repaired power supply with new 5v large and small capacitors.
  • Replaced connector on power supply for AC input line.
  • Replaced 5v power supply out connector and 5v input connector on MPU.
  • Re-flowed solder on .156 header pins on all back box boards.
  • Installed audio hum reducing fix per Williams technical bulletin.
  • Repaired connector for interconnect board GI input.
  • Replaced voltage regulator on card wheel controller board.
  • Replaced display unit with new LED Rottendog orange display.
  • Installed flipper rebuild kit with new bushings and flipper bats.
  • Replaced all leg mounting plates and installed new leg bolts.
  • Replaced 4 leg levelers.
  • Replaced shooter springs.
  • Installed 3 new pinballs.
  • Replaced GI bulbs as needed.
  • Replaced 6 #89 flasher bulbs.
  • Replaced both molex connectors for lamp and switches under upper playfield.
  • Cleaned drop target optos on all three banks and lubed mechanisms.
  • Removed GI wire hack and rebuilt GI relay PCB under playfield.
  • Replaced all playfield rubber.
  • Replaced coin door lock.
  • Reprogrammed MPU Eproms for upgrade to latest version 6.

There you have it. Another game back up and ready for fun. If you have a pinball machine that needs repair or you have one you would like to sell, contact me and let me know.

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