1994 Bally World Cup Soccer Refurb

WCS is often overlooked by collectors because of it’s theme and dog mascot, Striker (I like him, though.) But, it really is a fun playing game that appeals to all ages. This game got a full tear down and refurbishment that included:

  • Playfield tear down with clean and wax.
  • All rubber replaced.
  • Ramps cleaned.
  • New score cards.
  • New sling shot plastics.
  • Flipper mechs rebuilt.
  • New translucent green flipper bats.
  • New shooter barrel spring.
  • New goalie plastic.
  • All .156 connector header pins on the MPU and Driver board had solder replaced and reflowed for trouble free reliability.
  • New spinning soccer ball rubber.
  • New score cards.
  • New leg levelers.
  • Replaced MPU batteries.
  • All¬†incandescent bulbs replaced with LED lights.
  • New pinballs installed.

If you have a game you’d like cleaned up and playing like new again. Let me know. They are a lot more fun to play after a refurb.

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