Breakshot Shopped!

I finished shopping this out last weekend. I removed all the mylar and the game is like new underneath. Pretty sweet. I used red cliffy posts to match the playfield and white rubbers for the nostalgia look and feel. 6 new drop targets, new pop bumper bodies and wafer thingys, new flipper bushings. The Williams style was used, I had to shave a little bit off the top and cut a notch out on the bottom. I had some new Data East flipper coil stops and I modified to work. The flippers pawls use Sega linkages. I only had one so I made another out of aluminum. All screws were polished and all chrome pieces were also polished.

I also just figured out how to score big on this game. Get multiball during the Cutthroat Countdown for x3 scoring while three balls are in play and x2 for two balls in play. This is a great game.

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