Doctor Who Motorized Topper Upgrade!

I finally got my upgrade kit from (now defunct). The kit restores the game back to prototype form before the moving Dalek was removed from production for cost cutting reasons. If you are any type of Dr Who fan, this upgrade is a must!

The kit adds in a circuit board and servo motor that lets the Dalek move dictated by the flasher bulb in the head. The quality of the kit is top notch with stainless steel hardware and aluminum mounting brackets. The servo is a Futaba 3003 that is used in radio control cars and planes. It comes shipped in a small box with no written instructions, except for a link to a website with a video walk through for the install.

You’ll find yourself pausing and restarting these installation videos to try and figure out how to do it. But, it’s basically pretty easy with one exception. Unlike the Dalek shown in the videos, mine had quite a bit of thick runny resin drips all on the inside. The mounting bracket requires a smooth mounting surface so I had to grind it all flat with a dremel tool and grinding stone. Due to this complication, don’t expect to get this done in 15 minutes like the manufacturer states. It will take more like an hour. I could see this taking 15 minutes only if you have done it several times.

Once installed and hooked up, you will have a fully rotating Dalek head. It is impossible to actually play the game and watch the head move, so get a few friends over and have a watch party!

The moving head is a great mod, even if it does move a little too fast back and forth at times. If only the control board had a setting for head rotation speed. Maybe a slower servo could be used or it could be operated at a lower voltage to give the head movement a less frantic appearance. But regardless, I’m glad I bought the kit. That original static Dalek just looked incomplete.

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7 thoughts on “Doctor Who Motorized Topper Upgrade!

  1. Great info on Doctor Who, reminded me again of wobble head Dalek, and also that I should clean the subway ramp. Do you have any contact info for the wobble head source? Link is a dead end. Phone number would be great. Thanks!

  2. The manufacturer of this kit is defunct. Search the forum as I have recently read about the original makers of this type of kit were going to make another production run of them.

  3. Thanks, I suspect there may have been litigation between manufacturers as they both used the term wobblehead. Other kit install much harder to install and get proper centering of eye stalk, but motion is smoother and motor looks much more durable. Maybe someday…..

  4. Hi, my ceiling is too tall to fit, but if I take off the Dalek, then it would fit. Would the pinball machine still work if I removed the Dalek?

  5. Hi, my ceiling is too low to fit, but if I take off the Dalek, then it would fit. Would the pinball machine still work if I removed the Dalek?

    • Yes, the game will still work. The Dalek is technically just for show. After removal, the game will function the same.

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