Paragon Playfield Final Sand & Buff is Done

This playfield is finished. After 4 hours of sanding and buffing the final result is impressive. Sanding also makes the surface flatter for a better shine.

Here’s the procedure I did for this one.

1. Wet Sand with 800 grit.
2. Wet Sand with 1000 grit.
3. Wet Sand with 1500 grit.
4. Wet Sand with 2000 grit.
5. Buff with 6″ random orbital buffer with 3M marine super duty rubbing compound.
6. Buff with Turtle Wax (red label) heavy duty cleaner rubbing compound.
7. Buff with Turtle Wax (white lavel) polishing compound and scratch remover.
8. Buff with Novus 2 scratch remover.

Whew! It looks incredible!

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