Stern Sea Witch Before & After Photos

A few months ago, I picked up a 1980 Stern Sea Witch that was in need of TLC and much needed help. The MPU was missing. The sound board was inoperable.  The driver board had locked up transistors. The power supply was faulty. It was dirty. All pretty typical when it comes to a game 30+ years old in dire need of rescue.

The game was completely gone through from top to bottom. A rebuilt MPU was installed. The driver board was repaired. The power supply was rebuilt. Many connectors were replaced. The playfield was stripped, clean, and reassembled. The flippers were rebuilt. The backglass was sealed. The cabinet was repaired and touched up. The wood surrounding the backglass was replaced with freshly cut pieces and color matched. The legs and coin door were repainted. The shooter was cleaned up. New, custom drop target decals were created and installed. The lock down bar and side rails were lightly sanded and cleaned. Many bulbs were replaced. I did everything necessary to get this game to look nice and play like it did back in 1980. More importantly, back in collectors hands to be enjoyed once again.

Below are some before and after photos of the project.

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