1976 Bally Night Rider EM Refurb

About a week ago, this 1976 Bally Night Rider was dropped off in need of some TLC. It was very dirty, a little rusty, and wouldn’t start a game. I have worked on many EM’s in the past and was definitely up for the task to get this game back up and running and playing the way it should. Below is the list of everything that was done to the game. It’s a long list, but I “Put the hammer down!”, as they say.

– Cleaned and adjusted the following relays and units: Game Over Relay, Coin Relay, Lock Relay, Reset Relay, Ball Index Relay, Bonus Score Relay, Player Reset Relay, Top Hole Unit, Player Up Unit, Credit Unit, Bonus Unit, Double Bonus Relay, Ball Count Unit, Scoring Motor #3 stack of switches.
– Adjusted 10 Thousand “Over the Top” switch on player reels 1-4.
– Installed new drop targets, cleaned and adjusted all drop target switches and mechs.
– Replaced all playfield posts.
– Replaced all playfield rubber.
– Cleaned and polished playfield.
– Cleaned and polished playfield plastics.
– Cleaned and polished playfield screws.
– Installed nickel plated acron nuts.
– Cleaned and polished shooter rod.
– Cleaned and polished shooter rod housing.
– Cleaned and adjusted flipper switches.
– Cleaned and regrained coin door.
– Regrained lockdown bar and siderails.
– Cleaned backglass.
– Removed rust and repainted backglass lift channel.
– Cleaned all plastic scoring reels.
– Cleaned Credit Unit disc.
– Adjusted spinners.
– Replaced all pop bumper bodies, skirts, caps and lamp sockets.
– Replaced left side coin door lamp socket.
– Rewired coin door switches.
– Installed flipper rebuild kit.
– Installed new flippers.
– Cleaned and adjusted flipper switches.
– Installed Bally coin door decal.
– Installed new coin door and back box lock.
– Replaced new Bally gun metal legs, levelers and leg bolts.
– Replaced flipper buttons.
– Replaced shooter spring and shooter barrel spring.
– Replaced pinball.
– Installed missing plum bob for tilt unit.
– Replaced all 132 bulbs and cleaned sockets where needed.
– Replaced main fuse block, secondary fuse and playfield fuse holders.
– Repaired back box connector wire hacks.
– Repaired/Glued rear bottom of cabinet.
– Repaired/Glued front right edge of cabinet.
– Vacuumed inside of game.

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