1979 Gottlieb Incredible Hulk Repair

Wow! Here’s a nice Gottlieb Incredible Hulk! Hard to believe it’s 35+ years old. This particular hulk was acting a little flaky with game resets. Back in the late 70’s Gottlieb solid state electronics were lagging behind Bally and as a result, these weren’t the most reliable games even when they were new.

No need to worry, this is 2018! Pascal to the rescue. Pascal Janin from France offers a complete replacement combo board for this game. It replaces the MPU, power supply, driver board AND sound board all-in-one! The best part of that, besides having all NEW circuit boards, is the elimination of a lot of wiring.

After the new board was installed, it has been rock solid ever since. For more information on this replacement board, go to: www.flippp.fr

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