1990 Gottlieb Silver Slugger Repair

This game came in needing a little TLC. It was a low play machine so bringing it to top playing ability was a pleasure.

Here’s an interested note from the IPDB on this game: “First of the so-called “Street Level” games, which were an experiment by Gottlieb towards designing a simpler, single level (no ramps), slightly smaller and cheaper game for operators who thought pinball machines were too expensive. They did not sell very well overall, and only six models were made before Premier returned to games with more sophisticated playfield designs.”

Here’s what was done to this game.

  • Installed Flipper Rebuild Kit
  • Cleaned and waxed playfield and plastics.
  • Replaced all rubber rings.
  • Checked and replaced all bulbs.
  • Cleaned and adjusted drop target switches.
  • Cleaned and adjusted outhole switches.
  • Cleaned and adjusted flipper EOS switches and flipper button switches.
  • Reseated all back box connectors.
  • Play tested to ensure everything was 100%.

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