1991 Williams Terminator 2

Terminator 2 is one of the best action films of all time. It’s also a pretty awesome pinball machine, too. Designed by Steve Ritchie, it was Williams first game designed with a standard DMD display and the first game to use a swing out cannon fired by the player. It was also the first pinball machine to feature a video mode.

This T2 was brought to me working, but with errors and electrical hacks done by various people over the years. The rubber was worn, the plastic posts were crumbling, and the playfield was pretty dirty. It definitely needed some experienced attention to make it whole again. An important upgrade to the game was the change to LED lighting including LED flashers and light strips. It really makes the game look incredible.

  • Replaced all plastic playfield posts.
  • Replaced all playfield rubber.
  • Cleaned all playfield plastics.
  • Replaced HK-Aerial ship.
  • Replaced Terminator skull
  • Flamed polished right plastic ramp.
  • Cleaned and polished metal ramp and wire forms.
  • Cleaned, waxed, and buffed playfield.
  • Installed NVRAM on MPU (no more batteries required.)
  • Replaced red (3) and white (5) round stand up targets.
  • Reflowed solder on all .156 headers pins on the Driver board.
  • Replaced General Illumination input connector and wire hacks.
  • Replaced W133 Driver board connector.
  • Fixed ball trough wire hack.
  • Fixed upper playfield top right lane switch wire hack.
  • Fixed poor soldering on flipper coils.
  • Replaced upper playfield top right lane switch.
  • Replaced pop bumper bodies, caps, lamp sockets, platters, and yokes.
  • Replaced upper lane guides.
  • Replaced right outlane switch.
  • Removed duct tape from ramp switches and replaced them with rubber switch covers.
  • Installed LED kit with flashers and light strips.
  • Installed BrightEyes for skull.
  • Replaced cabinet flipper buttons.
  • Replaced back box lock.
  • Installed new leg bolts and leg levelers (legs out of stock.)
  • Installed PinGuard cabinet protectors.
  • Replaced pinballs.
  • Adjusted lock down bar mechanism.
  • Touched up black paint on cabinet and coin door.

The game plays like new again and looks even better than new. Because of this, it was hard to stop “testing” this one. I enjoyed every minute of it. If you have a game that needs some work, drop me a line.

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