For Sale: Stern Metallica Pro LED 2016 HUO *SOLD*

Up for sale is my HUO Metallica from 2016. It is in excellent condition with about 1500 plays. It still has that new game smell when you open the coin door. I am the second owner. I have been meticulous about caring for it, as was the first owner. There are some mods that have been added. Here is the list:

  • Stern shaker motor installed
  • Premium Monsters translite (original is included also)
  • One off Eye Ball shooter (made by me)
  • Pinball Pimp Guitar Amp speaker grill decal
  • Upgraded speakers, A 8″ Boss subwoofer with crossover and Kicker 4″ speakers in the back box.
  • Dirty Donny guitar pick key chain
  • Clear protectors around the flipper buttons
  • Scared Stiff boney finger flippers
  • Cliffy protector for the Mystery hole and shooter lane. The shooter lane also has mylar on it. Metal side rail guard also installed. These were installed on day one.
  • Pinbits neon green plastic protectors.
  • PinGraffix Creeping Death Pinblades installed.
  • PinGraffix Lighting Rails installed.
  • PinGraffix 2D snake plastic and decals installed.
  • MegaBlaster Speakers added to top of ramps (non functional) (made by me)
  • EL Wire added to electric chair and lights up with the Lighting Rails (electric chair flashers) that also has a custom helmet cap (made by me)
  • Slap Save Creations Crank It Up light bracket.
  • Skull light insert for coffin insert.
  • Coffin lock illuminated coffin that is installed above the captive ball. I made this one and I love it. Each time a ball is locked, a skull’s eyes will light up in red in tandem with the coffin insert. It works great and looks pretty awesome.
  • I have replaced some of the original OEM cool white LEDs with color where appropriate.
  • Comes with Pinskin Stern cover. The game was always covered when not played.

That’s everything.


If you have any questions, just ask.

I will ship this if the buyer makes all the arrangements and it is picked up. Otherwise, it must be picked up in Lutz, FL.

Thank you.

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