Data East Laser War

Here’s a game you don’t see that often. It’s a Data East Laser War from 1987. It was Data East’s first game and it’s a very good one. Some might be turned off by the 80’s hair and Laser Tag ripoff theme, but others, like myself, find it good in a cheesy way.¬†What really saves this game from the burn pile is a very good rule set with 2 & 3 ball multi-ball with a jackpot objective, good stereo sound, and lots of flashers. The game goes completely bonkers when you get the jackpot. Bottom line: It’s just plain fun to play and is a good bang for your buck game.

This Laser War only needed minor repair to it’s power connectors and a few switch repairs. Aside from that, it got the full shop out treatment on the playfield with new rubber and spinner decals. Of course, it needed a laser blaster key chain to top it off! Check out the photos.

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    • Pinball Shark,

      I have a machine that looks to be in about the same condition as yours and considering selling it. I was hoping you could let me know how much you sold yours for. These machines do not come up much, so there is very limited info on comps, but I think the value has gone up dramatically over the past few years. Thanks for any information.

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