Williams Whirlwind Shopped Out

“Feel the power of the wind!” with Williams Whirlwind. I just finished a complete shop out and refurb of this great game. Here’s what was done.

– Playfield, plastics, ramps and apron were cleaned and waxed.
– All new rubber installed.
– Bulbs replaced where needed.
– New spinner disc decals installed.
– New flipper bats.
– New shooter barrel spring.
– 3 new rectangular targets installed.
– New replacement plastic behind drop targets.
– New batteries installed on MPU.
– New coin door and back box locks.
– Coin door repainted semi-gloss black.
– Topper repainted bright white.

This game has been play tested and is error free. It is also for sale. Let me know if anyone is interested. More info on this game can be found on the IPDB. *edit, this game is sold*

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