Painting Star Trek Next Generation Playfield Back Board

Hey, if don’t like all the current decals available for your STTNG playfield back board and you want something different, then get creative! Grab some black, white, gold, red and blue spray paint and make a custom star field. It’s easy!

First I painted mine black, then speckled it with white and gold spots that look like stars. Next, I applied the red and blue nebulas. You’ll have to experiment with spraying the stars with 1/2 pressure on the nozzle and shoot it from a distance. Practice on a scrap black board to get your technique down. The red and blue colors require a little feathering and quick intermittant spraying.

Once I get it installed back into the game, I’ll post some more photos. So what are you waiting for? Head down to the hardware store and buy some paint. Time to make a custom star field!


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