1967 Williams Touchdown Repair & Shop Out

Time to go back in time to 1967. The NFL had only 16 teams and this was the year of the famous “Ice Bowl” at Lambeau Field with the Packers defeating the Cowboys in the NFL Championship game. Considered one of the greatest games in NFL history. It was a great year for the NFL and Williams timed the release of this game just right.

This 1967 Williams Touchdown came in for some minor repair, clean up, and shop out. It has been in home use for many years. The overall condition of this game is excellent and the condition of the playfield is spectacular. It cleaned up extremely well. Here’s what was done.

  • Playfield was cleaned and waxed.
  • All new rubber was installed on the playfield.
  • Legs, leg bolts, and leg levelers were all cleaned with steel wool.
  • Two new locks were installed. One for the back box and one for the head. The old back box lock had to be drilled out because the key was lost.
  • Lock down bar and side rails were regrained with high grit polishing pads.
  • Coin door mounting bolts were removed and spun polished in a drill.
  • Shoot rod was spun polished and a new barrel spring installed.
  • A highly polished pinball was installed.
  • Any non-working or frosted bulbs (bulbs that generate excess heat) were replaced.
  • A new power cord was installed with proper ground.
  • Right flipper was not working. Cleaned and adjusted all flipper contact switches.
  • Playfield glass was cleaned.
  • Lower left pop bumper was not working. Cleaned and adjusted contact switch.
  • This game has two bell type chimes for sounds. One is in the head, the other is in the rear of the bottom cabinet. The bottom cabinet chime was not working. The solenoid plunger was stuck. It was removed, cleaned, and lubed with graphite.
  • The cabinet was touched up. Mostly on the front where there was a lot of white paint loss around the start button and coin door (some of the green was touched by someone else along the way.)

Well, there you have it. It was a pleasure working on a true survivor. It’s hard to believe this game is 48 years old!

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