1980 Bally Space Invaders

Space Invaders! Yes, they have visited again. This time in spectacular fashion. With this game, I have put my hard work and finishing touches to make it look incredible. Here’s everything that was done to this game.

  • Rebuilt all four flipper units.
  • Installed new flipper bats.
  • Replaced all GI light bulbs.
  • Replaced several controlled lamp sockets.
  • Replaced all drop targets.
  • Replaced all playfield posts.
  • Replaced playfield star rollovers.
  • Cleaned and adjusted all playfield leaf switches.
  • Replaced Clone Chamber target.
  • Replaced all playfield rubber.
  • Replaced playfield screws as needed.
  • Polished playfield screws as needed.
  • Installed new plastic set.
  • Installed new nickel plated acorn nuts for plastic set.
  • Replaced the power cord.
  • Replaced the legs and leg bolts.
  • Replaced the flipper switches and buttons.
  • Replaced the cabinet side rails and nails.
  • Replaced the shooter barrel spring
  • Polished the shooter rod.
  • Remounted and adjusted shooter rod for proper play.
  • Replaced the pop bumper caps.
  • Polished the glass retainer bracket.
  • Refinished the lock down bar mechanism.
  • Touched up the apron.
  • Repaired rear particle wood damage.
  • Touched up the cabinet where needed.
  • Replaced molex connectors where needed.
  • Replaced the apron cards and back box instruction cards.
  • Replaced the MPU, solenoid, lamp, aux lamp, and power supply boards.
  • Installed LED 6 digit displays. (ordered as a kit and assembled.)
  • Cleaned and polished coin door.
  • Replaced the coin door mounting bolts.
  • Cleaned and polished lock down bar.

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