For Sale: Jurassic Park Pinball 1993 *SOLD*

Up for grabs, my Data East Jurassic Park. I recently finished a full refurb on this game. It is in excellent condition and ready for sale.

  • Cleaned and polished playfield.
  • Replaced all playfield rubber.
  • Replaced sling shot plastics with NOS.
  • Replaced all playfield plastic star posts.
  • Replaced all bulbs and flashers with LED lights (except the VUK indicator lights and JP Gate lights.)
  • Cleaned and serviced T-Rex toy mechanism.
  • Touched up and clear coated Bunker and Control Room scoop holes.
  • Replaced pinballs with 6 super polished balls.
  • Flame polished the main plastic ramp.
  • Flippers are nice and strong.
  • Display is working 100%.
  • Shaker motor is working 100%.
  • Power supply is a Rottendog replacement.
  • NVRAM installed on MPU. No more AA batteries!
  • Legs were repainted black.
  • Legs have new levelers and leg bolts.
  • Custom topper installed.
  • Latest 6.0 code added.

*SOLD* Contact me if you are interested. Located in Lutz, Florida. Thanks!

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