1989 Williams Bad Cats Repair

Always cherish your pets. Here we have a Williams Bad Cats that needed a little love. It was in great original condition. Not purrfect, but not a raggedy alley cat either. This is a funĀ game for casual players or people who just love cats!

Here’s what was done.

– Replaced power plug because of missing ground plug.
– Fixed coin door switches.
– Replaced MPU batteries.
– Set game to freeplay.
– Fixed Jackpot light board behind backglass.
– Fixed Tiger ramp light board located on playfield backboard.
– Fixed Fish Bone-Us spring target mechanism.
– Replaced 8 playfield light bulbs.
– Fixed 3 bank of drop targets not registering when hit.
– Adjusted Fish bowl entry ramp switch.
– Tested all switches and solenoids.
– Clean and waxed playfield.
– Clean and/or replaced rubber where needed.

Ready to go out all night and sleep all day like a good cat should.


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