Gottlieb Stargate 1995 Restoration

This one turned out great. See the photos! Below is the “done” list.¬†She’s a beauty!

– New apron and target sticker set.
– New translite.
– New translite lift channel.
– New flipper bats (3).
– New flipper link and plungers (3).
– New head wing bolts.
– New translucent red flipper buttons.
– New legs.
– New brass barrel shooter spring.
– New translucent red shooter rod.
– New black rubber on playfield.
– New purple super band flipper rubber and posts.
– New LED kit installed with flashers.
– Mylar was speed polished.
– New mylar was placed under ball drops to protect playfield.
– New t-modling on head.
– New reproduction speaker panel (they made only one).
– New red film for DMD to match original.
– New score cards scanned from the originals.
– New siderails (not pictured).
– Original manual included (very nice for Gottliebs since they can’t be downloaded).

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