1990 Funhouse Playfield Swap

Funhouse is a special game. One of the last of the alpha numeric display games for Williams, Funhouse has that genius combination of theme, toys, music and game play that all come together for one of the best games in pinball. I used to play this game in the mid 90’s at the USF recreation center at lunch time and in between classes. I was lucky enough to purchase a Funhouse recently and it seemed only fitting to restore this game to better than new condition with a few special modifications. I swapped the worn original playfield with a new Mirco Playfields reproduction. The Mirco reproduction is spot-on with beautiful, vibrant colors and gorgeous clear coat.

I also installed new ramps, a new plastic set, new posts, new rubber, rebuilt flippers, new targets, and all metal parts polished. All bulbs were replaced with new color matching LEDs with color changers in the shooters lanes. Many metal brackets on the game and the Steps ramp were covered in color matching vinyl to match the Funhouse theme. A circa 1960 windup alarm clock was installed on the right ramp. Perhaps, Rudy could use this to stay awake after midnight.

Other additions include a light up mirror scoop in blue, a flasher added to the lower right eject scoop, a flasher added to Rudy’s light that flashes when he is hit with the ball, and a red light up trap door. See the photos for more details.

This swap took many hours (about 50), but was well worth the time and effort. It’s plays better and faster than any Funhouse game I have ever seen.┬áIs Rudy Alive? I think so!

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