1979 Gottlieb Genie Refurb

Ah..another beautiful Genie to polish up. Here’s what was done to this magnificent machine.

  • Playfield stripped, cleaned and high speed polished.
  • All new plastic posts and lane guides.
  • All new pop bumper bodies, caps, skirts, and lamp sockets.
  • All new pop bumper mylar platters.
  • All new playfield acorn nuts.
  • All new rubber.
  • All new round targets.
  • All new flipper coil sleeves (5).
  • All new flipper bats (5).
  • NOS (new old stock) spinner found and installed.
  • All metal posts, screws and lane guides polished.
  • All metal roll overs were removed and polished.
  • New side rail protector.
  • New ball shooter plate.
  • Polished ball shooter to match plate.
  • Replaced shooter spring and barrel spring.
  • Two lamp sockets replaced under playfield.
  • New playfield glass installed. It’s big, too! 27 5/8″x 48 1/2″ x 3/16 tempered, no logo.
  • All new flipper button and coin door button housings.
  • All new apron cards and 25 cent coin door inserts.
  • All new legs, levelers, and leg bolts.
  • Replaced one connector in the back box.
  • Coin door, side rails and lock down bar cleaned.
  • Installed metal coin mechanisms for fully functional coin door.
  • Replaced coin door lock.
  • Replaced all GI lamps with new #47 bulbs.
  • Replaced 5 incorrect fuses with proper value.
  • Installed missing plumb bob rod and weight for tilt mechanism.

Genie’s looking good and ready to rumble!

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