Restored 1985 Williams Sorcerer FOR SALE *SOLD*

Up for sale, out of my private collection, is a 1985 Williams Sorcerer. This is one of the nicest ones you’ll ever find. It was restored in 2014. Here are the details of the restoration.

  • Cabinet repainted inside and out and stenciled with original artwork.
  • New System 11 style legs, leg bolts and leg levelers.
  • Playfield touched up and clear coated with an automotive clear coat.
  • New plastic playfield posts.
  • New playfield rubber.
  • New playfield plastic set.
  • All metal upper playfield parts polished.
  • New target stickers.
  • LEDs through out, except the playfield GI. It looks better with standard incandescent bulbs.
  • LED OCD board installed.
  • New pop bumper bodies and skirts.
  • Jeweled pop bumpers caps with Comet LED rings.
  • All flashers converted to 12v LED from 6v incandescent.
  • Cliffy replacement lane guides.
  • Cliffy shooter lane protector.
  • Lightning flippers with Super Bands.
  • Pinball Pro speaker set.
  • Custom shaker motor installed that activates during multi-ball.
  • New shooter rod with new barrel spring and shooter spring.
  • New flipper leaf switches.
  • New flipper buttons.
  • New playfield glass.
  • New backglass lift channel.
  • Pinscore LED displays.
  • New lower flipper mechanisms with WPC style springs.
  • Center flipper was rebuilt.
  • New Sorcerer manual from Marco Specialties.
  • Custom cup holder with dragon logo.

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