Williams Space Shuttle Game Play Video

This is my restored Space Shuttle with many new parts and my custom shaker motor installed (watch for the camera shake during multiball). This is a complete restoration including a playfield swap with a new CPR playfield all done by me. The Pinball Shark. If you have a game you want restored, contact me.

More details on this restoration here: http://www.pinballshark.com/?p=2286

1984 Williams Space Shuttle Restoration


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Here isĀ an incredible Space Shuttle I spent the last two months restoring. The restoration includes a new CPR playfield installed inside a very nice original cabinet and backglass. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, but this game has a … Continue reading

Judge Dredd Multi-Ball and Ultimate Challenge

I made this video today with an HD camera turned sideways. In JD multi-ball, Battle the four dark judges, then attempt the Ultimate Challenge. For the video, I chose the multi-ball mode when you use a buy-in extra ball. This makes it a little tougher than in-game, because normally you would have some extra time to hit the ramp before the crane unloads all the balls.