1984 Williams Space Shuttle Restoration

Here is an incredible Space Shuttle I spent the last two months restoring. The restoration includes a new CPR playfield installed inside a very nice original cabinet and backglass. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, but this game has a few surprises. Here’s the break down:

  • The Space Shuttle has illuminated engines and red LED light shining down on the ramp from underneath.
  • Four extra white spot lights were added throughout the playfield. As well as, an LED strip under the apron in the middle.
  • The game was converted to 12v LED flashers (it originally had 6 volt incandescent bulbs) and two extra red LEDs were added to the Space Shuttle inserts in the middle of the playfield.
  • All the general illumination lights are LEDs with a few select colored LEDs added to the controlled lamps.
  • Extra lights were added beneath the locking outholes on the left and right side of the playfield.
  • A complete speaker sound upgrade with an 8″ sub woofer and two 4″ Kicker speakers replacing the original 4×10 speaker.
  • New drop target and target stickers with custom Moon target.
  • New legs, bolts and leg levelers.
  • New USA shooter rod.
  • New CPR plastics.
  • New CPR playfield that was buffed and polished prior to installation.
  • New flipper bats with new flipper linkages. Return springs also upgraded to WPC style.
  • New plastic posts and rubber throughout.
  • New custom made ramp flaps.
  • New Cliffy Enhanced Flipper Return Frames.
  • All screws were polished with a high speed buffer.
  • Custom gloss black painted playfield side rails.
  • Custom shaker motor installed with reinforced cabinet bottom painted navy blue. The shaker motor activates when the center playfield flasher illuminates.

This is the nicest Space Shuttle I have ever seen or played and the shaker motor just puts it over the top. It is a BLAST to play! Look for a video of the game in the future.

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