1991 Gottlieb Class of 1812 Refurb

Here’s a great game with a great theme. Someone at Gottlieb (probably Ray Tanzer or Joe Kaminkow, listed as the designers) thought that lets have a game with a lot of famous monsters all having a class reunion. Dracula, the Werewolf, Frankenstein, Medusa, they are all here with a few other familiar looking characters. Why not make it the Class of 1812? To just name a few, the game features¬†Tchaikovsky’s 1812 classic music with full on chicken sounds as the chorus, chattering talking teeth, a severed hand and a fully lit up and pumping heart. Sounds like pinball gold to me!

This Class of 1812 was brought to me needing quite a bit work after years of neglect. The goal was to clean it up and make it fun again. Mission accomplished! Now it plays like a new game! Here’s what was done with a parts list.

  • New correct 27″ legs. The game was bought with two different sets of two different sizes.
  • New leg bolts and leg levelers.
  • New power cord plug since the ground prong was missing on the old one.
  • New ball shooter rod.
  • New shooter spring and barrel spring.
  • Two new highly polished pinballs replaced the old, dingy ones.
  • New and correct Gottlieb thumb screw bolts for the head.
  • New playfield acorn nuts.
  • New playfield plastic posts.
  • Playfield pop bumper area was touched up and mylared.
  • Playfield scoop outhole was restored.
  • Playfield was stripped, cleaned and polished.
  • Playfield habitrail drops were touched up and mylared.
  • Area above flippers was touched up around inserts.
  • Right ramp drop for multiball was touched up and mylared.
  • Original playfield mylar was high speed polished.
  • All playfield plastics were cleaned and polished.
  • New flipper rebuild kit.
  • New flipper bats.
  • New white Bat targets (3).
  • New red round drop target bank targets (6).
  • Drop targets were cleaned and adjusted.
  • Sling shot switches were cleaned and adjusted.
  • Replaced two mini posts that had stripped mounting holes. They were switched to #8 machine screw type with t-nuts.
  • New pop bumper skirts.
  • New roll over guides for the top holes.
  • New playfield rubber was installed.
  • Head was clamped and glued in the rear bottom and top left because it was splitting apart.
  • New black wrinkle t-molding for the cabinet head.
  • Back box and ramp flashers were rewired for proper polarity (needed for LED flashers).
  • All bulbs and flashers were replaced with LEDs. Added LED strips under apron, in the rear of the cabinet where the heart is located, and additional #44 lamp socket and purple LED was added under the left ramp.
  • Lock down bar mechanism was restored and painted silver.
  • Ramps were cleaned and polished with Novus #2.
  • Backglass was cleaned.
  • Cabinet side rails were cleaned.
  • Lock down bar was regrained and cleaned.
  • Front lower cabinet was damaged. This was fixed.
  • Cabinet was touched up.
  • Coin door was touched up.
  • Playfield ramp flaps were polished.
  • All playfield mini-posts were polished.
  • Scoop outhole diverter bracket, lower bracket and activater switch were polished.
  • Chrome habitrails were polished.
  • Shooter housing was polished.
  • Flipper buttons and front cabinet buttons were replaced.
  • Back box lock was drilled out and replaced due to lost key.
  • Back box cabinet hinges were removed, de-rusted and repainted.
  • MPU coin battery was replaced with new battery holder and 2032 battery.

It feels great to bring this game back up to par and ready for 2018! Enjoy the photos!

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