Black Hole Restoration

I didn’t post on the progress of this game, but here’s the final details.

– It has a brand new Niwumpf CPU (this adds a nice ball saver)
– All new connectors and pins in the back box, that’s a total of 17 connectors and lots and lots and LOTS of pins.
– All ground mods done for reliability.
– 2 new Rottendog pop bumper boards
– New plastic set from Pinball Resource
– Repainted the black back box frame and cleaned all the glass before reassembly
– Sound board repaired and tested by Coin-op Cauldron
– Pop bumper mylar replaced
– New rubber rings
– New polished pinballs
– Side rails, lock down bar and legs cleaned up and polished.
– New leg levers and leg bolts
– 4th player 100,000 digit is a little fuzzy, all other displays good.
– New coin door and backbox locks.

See the pics!

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